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    Hi folks

    Planning a 10 days trip in Sep/Oct next year and ideally want to pack in as much as possible but without compromising on quality.

    No flights booked yet so we are 100% flexible and could fly in and out of different cities if needed, however in Vancouver and out of SF would be preferable.

    There is so much information on here already I was a bit overwhelmed and didn't know where to start, so I'm hoping that you helpful bunch can point me towards a good itinerary that balances distance with a quality experience. We'll have 2 drivers.

    Thanks so much!


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    In Vancouver and out SF will probably not be possible from a rental car standpoint. Dropping off a car cross-border is generally not possible. I'd look at in Seattle, rent the car, and drive to Vancouver via I-5 or Victoria via ferry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by j_daniel
    We'll have 2 drivers.
    This really doesn't help you much on your quest for "pack[ing] in as much as possible but without compromising on quality." Sitting in the car is pretty much sitting in the car as far as the quality of experience goes. Yes there will be pretty scenery, but having two drivers will not let you drive any faster or farther in a day. You will also have to work out, as glc points out, the logistics of your car rental. You simply will not be able to rent a car in Canada and leave it in the US.

    So, what can you see in your ten days. As a very rough itinerary, I'd suggest a day in Vancouver, particularly seeing downtown and Stanley Park, then a day getting to Victoria enjoying the ferry ride and strolling through Butchart Gardens. A day in Victoria visiting the Natural History Museum, having 'high tea' at the Empress, and maybe heading up to Duncan to see the First Nation exhibit there. Day 4 would be taken up turning in car #1, taking the ferry to Seattle, picking up car #2 and touring and getting out of the SeaTac area.

    That leaves you with 5-6 days to work your way down the coast to San Francisco.Since that's a two day drive at best, you'll have about three days of 'quality' time. So, I'd plan on spending a day seeing some of the peaks of the Cascades such as Mount Ranier and Mount St. Helens, a day exploring the Columbia River Gorge, a day hiking the forests and beaches of the many state parks along the Oregon Coast, and a day in the Redwoods of northern California, leaving a day for serendipitous wandering.


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