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    Hi I'm planning a california RV roadtrip for september, I've got the route sorted (starting & finishing in LA), and now I'm trying to source a RV hire company. I'm from Australia, and I'm finding it hard to come by information on how good the various companies are.

    The best quote I've got is from Pure motorhome rentals. They have a legit looking website, but I cannot find anyone talking about how good they are on the internet. Seeing as I'm going to be giving a company $1000s, this is slightly worrying. Can anyone vouch for them?

    I've tried the two companies recommended by this site - El Monte RV & Cruise America, but their prices just seem to high, especially in comparison to Pure.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    El Monte and Cruise America are mostly "recommended" because they are the largest and most established. There are plenty of other good companies out there, but it can be difficult to judge which internet sites are only scams - and if you are finding quotes that are significantly less, it certainly makes sense to be on high alert using the "too good to be true" rule of thumb.

    I have no experience at all with the company you found, but doing a little research, it appears that they are booking RVs through Camping World. I'm not sure if Pure is a stand alone broker who works with them, or if the two are actually connected. I can tell you that Camping World is an established company with a nationally known brand, so while I don't know anything about their service/products, I can tell you they are certainly a legit company.

    I might contact Camping World directly, and see what they say. And of course, as with anything like this, Be cautious if you are being asked to put down a large deposit, and any deposit of this nature should be done with a credit card or another form of payment that limits your risk

  3. Default California RV Trip

    You should also consider checking with a travel agent in Australia. Sometimes travel agents in other countries have special deals with the big rental companies that you can't find online.

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    Hi. I've just booked through Apollo RV a company that appears to be Aus/NZ based but able to provide RVs in California. I'm picking up and returning in LA havijng booked through them. Can't vouch but the actual booking process has been very easy. They have a great set of video's on their website which means you can see every detail of your chosen vehicle style.

    No guarantees, but I hope it works (for you and for us)

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    Default Bottom line.

    When considering booking an RV it is important to add all the extra charges you may incur and check the bottom line figure as it is a lot different from the headline price. These extras include; Preparation fees, Ins Waivers, bedding and kitchen kits, extra mileage charges, local taxes and so on. Make sure you include everything that you need for your journey.

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