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  1. Default Seattle, WA to Kansas City, MO in Jan/Feb

    My husband and I are considering moving back home to Kansas City from Seattle, WA -
    My company will be closing early in 2011 and that is when we would like to be heading in that direction.
    My main question to anyone who will have an answer is which route will be best for a trip during the snowy winter - no matter what way we go, we're going to have to go through some mountains - ick!

    The route we took out here was I-90 through Montana, Wyoming & South Dakota - but we know that will probably be closed for more than one portion of that trip.

    We're also looking at taking I-84 through Oregon/Idaho to I-80 through Wyoming & Nebraska

    Another option for us is to take I-84 further south in Utah and jump on I-70 through Colorado & Kansas.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on which would be the best route to take?
    We will most likely be driving a 17-ft moving truck, towing a Ford Fusion, and then also driving my AWD Ford Freestyle.

    Any help would be awesome. So please let me know what anyone thinks! Thank you so much!!!

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    Default Wait, Watch, and Be Prepared

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Unfortunately, what you want - a precise weather report 6 months in advance - is simply impossible. But fortunately, you don't really need one. As you note, there are several possible routes between Seattle and Kansas City. Even if Snoqualmie Pass is closed, you can take I-5 down to Portland and I-84 east from there. So at this point, you should just research the main routes you mentioned and be ready to take any if them. They I-90 and I-84/I-80 routes only differ by about 30 miles out of a total distance of nearly 1900, hardly worth mentioning. Even going as far south as I-70 over the Rockies only adds a hundred miles. Then watch the weather closely for the week leading up to departure and only pick the route you'll use at the last minute, when you have the best handle on the weather forecast. Under the best of conditions, you would need 4 days to make this drive, but I'd plan on scheduling a fifth just in case you run into unexpected adverse road conditions. Remember that timing may be such that you have to delay your departure by a day, so don't forget to check out local motels as well as those on the road.


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    I would plan on taking the fastest, most direct route and switch to an alternate at the last minute only if current conditions dictate. This route is:


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