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    Hi everyone just looking for some advice.
    We are planning a trip to the above places. Flying into New York early December (approx 9th) for 2 nights, driving up to Niagra for 2 nights. Then driving down to Orlando hopefully for the 16th/17th. Looking for advise on routes to take. We are 2 drivers one of which is a driver for a living and drives all over Europe so long drives are no problem, however we have a non-driver and 3 children ages 13,10,3. So we do want some places to stop on the way. Ideally quaint or picturesque liitle towns or places for the kids to blow off steam for an hour.
    Also wondering if we will be able to go across Rainbow Bridge at Niagara to Canada (on foot/by car) then back to USA after an hour or so. Is it possible to do this with our passports or will we need an additional visa?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Between New York and Niagara Falls, you can take either I-87/I-90 or I-80/I-380/I-81/NY-17/I-390. Either route provides several opportunities for things to do. Whether you can freely travel back and forth across the border at Niagara will depend on your nationality and whether Canada and the U.S. offer tourist visas to your country. If you are planning on just flying into the U.S. without any pre-approved visa, then I would suspect that there will be no problem, but it wouldn't hurt to ask about your plans as you come through customs on your initial entry into the U.S. If re-entry won't be a problem then the worst that can happen is that you get turned back at Canadian customs not likely) and have to re-enter the U.S.

    Heading south from Niagara Falls, your basic route would be I-90 (west)/I-79/I-77/I-26/I-95. For much of this drive you will be following the Appalachian Mountains where there are any number of pleasant small towns and scenic attractions. Two towns to look at for overnight or extended stays would be Wytheville, VA and Savannah, GA. In general, there is no shortage of places to take breaks along the Interstates.


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