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    Default Deadhorse and beyond

    My wife and I are considering making the road trip to Prudhome Bay Alaska. We are aware that the last Hotels are in Deadhorse.

    We are seeking information about the trip from Fairbanks up to Deadhorse. What are the road like? Are there places to stay and get gas/services between the two places?

    Thanks in advance for any help y'awl can provide.


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    Have you ever watched Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel?

    Read this before you plan any farther. The road is terrible.

    Don't even consider driving the Dalton unless you have 4-wheel drive, a CB radio, extra fuel, food, tires, and a trunk filled with supplies.
    There are absolutely no services between Coldfoot and Deadhorse - 240 miles. There is no cell phone service. For more info, Google "driving the dalton". There is one company in Fairbanks that rents vehicles for the Dalton - they have Ford Escapes. 200+ bucks a day and no damage insurance provided - that's up to you.

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