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    Hey, were driving from houston to vegas in october 10th 2010, en-route we will be stopping in the grand canyon for 2 days, the rough plan of the route is:-

    houston to san antonio
    san antonio to san angelo
    san angelo to amarillo
    amarillo to roswell
    roswell to Albuquerque
    Albuquerque to flagstaff, not too sure with this one
    then flagstaff to the grand canyon

    there are just rough at the moment but does anyone know of a better route or must see places on the way.

    many thanks in advance


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    I'm a little puzzled by your overall plans. The route you've laid out is perfectly fine, but are you planning for the cities you've listed all to be overnight stops, or are those just way points?

    You listed a specific day for this trip, and mention staying overnight at the Grand Canyon, however, Houston to the Grand Canyon is far too far to do in a single day. In fact, at 1300 miles, it will require more than 24 hours on the road, and even doing this in 2 full days would require more driving per day that we generally recommend and leave zero time for any extra stops.

    Additionally, don't forget the suggestions you were given when you asked about a very similar trip Last Year.

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    If you mean that you will be staying at the Grand Canyon for 2 days, that makes a lot more sense. Each one of those legs listed can be driven in one day, Albuquerque to Flagstaff is about 5 hours driving at the speed limit with a short rest stop in the middle.

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    sorry i will try to be more clear, each stop is an overnight, 7 days in total.

    If possible i would like suggestions for small towns as a city is pretty much the same all over the world nowadays.

    This route is just a general outline, i have been trying to find interesting places to go, but this forum seems like a good place to start.


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    yeah i asked a similer question last year but now i have a bit more of a clue ot the route as it is closer to the date.

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