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  1. Default Vancouver - Anaheim - Vancouver 10 day road trip...

    Hi All,

    We have been following the various threads here, which are so informative! Well, I still thought of posting a new thread as it will be our (me & my wife's) first long road trip... very excited, but feeling a bit overwhelmed... so would prefer to have some customized suggestions from you guys :)

    We will start from Vancouver on 24th (sat) morning & will return back on 2nd (mon) evening. We plan to spend 3 nights in Disneyland, power through to Anaheim on I5 while going, with 2 night-stops on the way, & return back by 101 & 1, along the coast-line, with 4 night-stopovers. Here is how we drafter our road-plan, trying to keep max 7 to 8hrs driving between to destinations, of-course taking sight-seeing breaks in between:

    Vancouver (leaving 24th morning) - Eugene (24th night) - Sacramento (25th night) - Anaheim (26th, 27th & 28th nights) - Lompoc (29th night) - San Francisco (30th night) - Crescent City (31st night) - Sea Side (1st night) - back to Vancouver on 2nd evening.

    We kindly request your much valued feedback on the following:

    1. Would you recommend any plan change, considering we want to enjoy the natural beauty to the max, aswell as want to spend 2 full days in Disney?
    2. Would you recommend any different night stop options, considering we would prefer cheaper (but safe) hotel/motel, with free parking (& preferably free breakfast included)? Is it recommended to book them in advance?
    3. What are the 'must-see' while driving back up the coast-line that shouldn't be missed?
    4. Does anyone have any feedback about the 'RideMax' software that can be purchased to minimize wait time in Disneyland queues? Is it worth purchasing, considering we will be there on mid-week Tuesday & Wednesday?

    Guys, I'll eagerly wait for any suggestions/comments/feed-backs from your end as that surely will help us a lot! Thanx in advance all :)

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think your trip looks quite good. The only minor tweaks I might make would be for your trip would be on the way back. Crescent City and Seaside will likely both end up being a bit farther than you can get in 7-8 hours of driving. They are possible, but when you factor in the slow nature of the road, and the many things you may want to stop to look at, the could end up being long days. Since these are all pretty full days, your time in San Francisco will also be quite limited. What you might consider doing is rather than going all the way up the coast, just travel part way up through Oregon and then cutting back over to I-5 for a final sprint back home.

    I can't say that I've heard of the "Ridemax" software, but I will say at the cost of Disney Tickets, I wouldn't be paying even more money for something like that. What I would recommend doing however, is taking real advantage of the Fastpass system. Right away, start getting passes for the major attractions that you know will have long lines, and as soon as you reach the time where you can get one, go and get another Fastpass for another ride before using the one you have. I found it works well just to send one person ahead to get the fastpasses for the whole group. There are whole websites dedicated to these sorts of type, and several disney guidebooks will also have this kind of information.

  3. Default Thank you!

    Thanx MM for your feedback :) yes, those two legs driving up might be a bit longer... can you please suggest a route back from Anaheim - blending 1, 101 & I5 with the suggested night stop-over cities, so that we don't miss much of the 'must-see' spots? Thanx in advance!

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    I think you need to plan your ingress and egress from the LA area carefully. You have to go right through the middle of some of the most traffic congestion on the planet if you are doing this in the morning and afternoon rush periods. It can literally take hours to get from just outside LA from/to the north/northwest to/from Anaheim.

    On the way down, you need to leave Sacramento early in the morning - 6am or so - to get through LA before afternoon rush hour. A 7 hour trip can become 10 hours very easily. On the way out, you need to leave very early too - probably about 5am.
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    Thanks glc for your tips... as per your suggestion I've rescheduled my plan so as to avoid the rush-hour LA traffic. We decided to leave early from Sacramento & go Universal Studio, spend the whole day there & in the evening proceed towards Anaheim... I guess that will optimize our time as well, without having to come all the way back to Universal Studio later. Again, while leaving Anaheim on the on the 29th morning, instead of going to the heart of the city, we plan to go to the coast side, & then after the rush hours venture into the city.

    As MM had suggested, we tried cutting off a bit of our coast-line drive on way up – we plan to take a faster route between San Francisco to Fort Bragg to save some time. (will we be missing any ‘must-sees’ doing so?... pls lemme know!). Well, here is our revised trip plan. Kindly take a minute to review it & provide us with your feed-back: (over-night stops are marked in ‘*’)

    Vancouver (24th-sat-dep:6am) – *Eugene (24th-sat-arr:3pm/overnight/dep:7am) – *Sacramento (25th-sun-arr:6pm/overnight/dep:5am) – Universal Studio & area (26th-mon: 1pm-7pm) - *Anaheim (26th-mon-arr:8pm/3 overnights:26th-28th/dep:8am) – Manhattan Beach (29th-thurs-arr:9am-10am) – Beverly Hills/Hollywood area (11am-3pm) – Santa Monica (3.30pm-4pm) – Malibu (4.30pm-5pm) – *Santa Barbara (29th-thurs-arr:6.30pm/overnight/dep:8am) – Pismo Beach (30th-fri-arr:9.30am-10.30am) – Morro beach (11.00am-11.30am) – Big Sur (1.30pm-2.30pm) – Monterey Bay (3.30pm-4.30pm) – Santa Cruz (5.30pm-6.30pm) – Moss Beach (7.30pm-7.40pm) – *San Francisco (30th-fri-arr:8pm/overnight/dep:8am) – San Francisco area (31st-sat-8am-12pm) - Fort Bragg (arr: 3.30pm-4.00pm) – *Crescent City (31st-sat-arr: 8pm/overnight/dep:7am) – Dunes City (1st-sun-arr:11am-12pm) – Florence (12.30pm-1pm) – Sea lion Caves (1.30pm-3pm) - Depoe Bay/Lincoln Beach (5pm-6pm) – *Sea Side (1st-sun-arr:8.30pm/overnight/dep: 9am) – Astoria (2nd-mon-arr:10am-12pm) – Vancouver (2nd-mon-arr: 6pm).

    I will wait for your feedbacks guys, before I start booking the hotels… Thank in advance!

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