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    any suggestions? Through Minneapolis, Fargo, Minot, Regina, Saskatoon? Looks quickest on a map.

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    That looks like a pretty good bet. Another option would be to go up from Fargo to Winnipeg and then cut Northwest via Saskatoon, but I'd say either option would be pretty similar.

    That also assumes by Northern Wisconsin, you're talking about say the Wausau area. If you are starting farther north, it may be faster to take US-2 from Duluth to Grand Forks rather than going down to the twin cities.

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    Assuming Wausau for 'northern Wisconsin', your fastest route is simply the most direct route: WI-29 to I-94 through Minneapolis to Jamestown, ND, then US-52 to the Canadian Border at Portal/North Portal. In Saskatchewan, SK-39 to Weyburn, SK-35 to Francis and SK-33 to Regina, then SK-11 to Saskatoon where the Trans Canada (16) will take you the rest of the way to Edmonton. You'll need a minimum of three days for this drive as most of it will be in two lane roads.


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    It all depends exactly where in northern WI you are leaving from, but my mapping program shows the fastest would be I-29 to the border, MB-75 to near Winnipeg, MB-100 bypass around the SW, then Trans-Canada 1 to Regina, SK-11 to Saskatoon, and Trans-Canada 16 to Edmonton.

    The best way to get to I-29 will depend on your exact starting point.

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