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    Our first trip to Sedona and Grand Canyon. We will need to rent a car and have reserved at a few: Fox, Advantage, Hertz. We are getting great prices from the first two and wondered if anyone here has recently used these two car rental service?

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    Have you checked for hidden costs and fees - and the insurance situation? Have you checked for mileage limitations? If you plan on leaving Arizona, is that allowed? Any drivers under 25?

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    I've used both Fox and Hertz before, and found them both to be perfectly acceptable. I've never used Advantage, but if they offered me the best price, I'd certainly give them a try. Honestly, I've used most of the major companies at least once, and I've found very little difference between any of them.

    Just make sure that your price quotes include everything (including the fine print), so you are really making an apples to apples comparison between the companies.

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