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  1. Default San Francisco to Washington DC

    I'm moving to DC and decided to turn it into a road trip. Are there any suggestion for routes or interesting places that I should see?

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    Default A little homework.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Any excuse for a road trip is a good excuse !!

    To get started you really need to take the first steps, as there are just too many options/combinations to mention that could be given on a trip that takes you from coast to coast. This would leave you with pages and pages of options and would just leave you in a similar situation to where you are now, a little overwhelmed perhaps.

    We don't know what you would consider "interesting" or how long you have for the trip, but for now I would look at a good map and use the RTA sites resources for info. When you have a few dots on the map and decided upon a route that can join those dots within the time you have available, then we can check your "homework" and make suggestions and help you to "fine tune" your trip.

    To help a little, using Interstate and main highways we recommend not trying to drive more than 500-600 miles [9-10 hours] a day on multi day trips. This only allows time for short breaks for food and bathroom breaks, a stretch of the legs and to fill with gas, not major sight seeing. On this basis you will need to travel for around 6 days to make the drive by the time you have added little detours such as driving into a City for the night.

    Enjoy the planning !

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