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    Default Birthday Road trip! (New York to Pennsylvania)

    I have just finished planning a fun-filled 21st birthday road trip for myself and I am absolutely excited. My birthday is on the 24th of August but the actual trip is on the 28th of August. The duration of the trip will last one day starting in New York and gradually making stops throughout Pennsylvania. I plan on doing some sight seeing in Philadelphia and from there is where all the fun will begin. I have made reservations at the following factories for tours: 1) Intercourse Pretzel Factory, 2) Troegs Brewing Company, 3) Hershey's Chocolate World. (All tours are FREE!). Sounds like fun to me, but what won't be fun is my guest and I not having a way of getting there.

    I am looking for a driver with an SUV or Mini-Van, preferably a female, who has a valid drivers license and a clean driving record. No more than four guest will be accompanying me, gas will be paid for in full. You are welcomed to bring along a guest if desired.

    Looking forward to your reply,

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    While I agree that you've got a plan for a pretty neat trip, I think you're being pretty optimistic that you'll find someone to basically be a chauffeur for a trip that you've laid out. I suspect you're going to have to tag along and work with someone elses trip plan, or look at renting a car if you really want this trip to come together.

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