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  1. Default Boston to San Jose - I need advice PLEASE

    I have all the travel books and maps, but I am trying to book pet friendly hotels every 550 miles, and need to know whats the easiest way to find out whats 550 miles from each destination - any ideas?

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    I put it into my mapping program and came up with a 5 1/2 day drive if you drive 550 miles a day. The suggested route is I-90 to I-80. Most of the exact 550 mile points are out in the middle of nowhere. They are:

    Erie PA
    Somewhere between Princeton and Moline IL
    Somewhere between Kearney and North Platte NE
    Somewhere between Rock Springs and Evanston WY
    Somewhere between Winnemucca and Reno NV

    If you break it up into 6 reasonably equal segments, this would give you 5 stops near civilization:

    Erie PA
    La Salle IL
    Grand Island NE
    Rawlins WY
    Elko NV

    The farther west you get, the more you can "stretch" each day's drive, as the speed limits out West are higher than in the East.

    Tip: Motel 6 is pet-friendly and very affordable. Quality is quite variable.

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    Default guess and check

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    There really isn't any magic for me other than plotting the route into Google Maps, and then taking a few guesses at about where 550 miles would be. I let it come up with the results, and then adjust the destination points using the drag and drop tool.

    Using that method, I come up with stopping points of Erie PA, Moline IL, Kearney NE, Rock Springs WY, and Winnemucca NV.

    That's not exactly 550 for each leg, but its pretty close, but you can adjust things a little bit here and there.

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