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    Hi there guys,

    Congratulations on a quality site, only just discovered it! I’m from the UK and am planning a roadtrip over 3 weeks at the end of August around California/Nevada with my girlfriend. We have also hired a Ford Mustang for the journey too :)

    The trip we’ve planned is as follows –

    Fly in to LAX in the morning and up the car–
    Day 1 – Drive to Palm Springs and stop over night
    Day 2 - Up early and drive to the Grand Canyon and stay here for 2 nights
    Day 3 - Grand Canyon
    Day 4 – Drive to Las Vegas and stay here for 3 nights via Hoover Dam
    Day 5 – Las Vegas
    Day 6 – Las Vegas
    Day 7 – Drive through Death Valley to Yosemite National Park staying here for 2 nights (long drive I know, but I we can make it!)
    Day 8 – Yosemite National Park
    Day 9 – Drive to San Francisco and stay here for 4 nights
    Day 10 – San Fran
    Day 11 – San Fran
    Day 12 – San Fran
    Day 13 – Drive down the coast to Monteray and stay here for the night
    Day 14 – Drive to Santa Barbara and stay here for the night
    Day 15 – Drive to Santa Monica and stay here for 3 nights
    Day 16 – Santa Monica
    Day 17 – Santa Monica
    Day 18 – Drive to San Diego and stay here for 2 nights
    Day 19 – San Diego
    Day 20 – Drive back up to LA and stay here for the night
    Day 21 – Fly back home

    Just wondering if the above journey is ok, I realise the 2 long drives should ideally be broken up but we’ll be ok I think!

    As I want to go off the beaten track a bit see some ‘old town america’ so ideally want to avoid the interstates but I realise time will be of the essence on a few of the days where we’ll have a long drives, I know you must have given the tips to this journey a million times but was wondering if you could link me up to some previous posts of the best scenic journeys to each destination.

    Thanks very much for your time guys, much appreciated !

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    Default A place to start.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums, pleased you are enjoying them !

    There are thousands of threads and route ideas throughout the RTA site, so looking around and using the search button will turn up loads of info. To get you started, these are some of our favourites.

    I think basically your trip looks fine, I would consider spending your first couple of day's in Santa Monica just to give yourselves time to unwind and recover from jet lag and then head out on your road trip, perhaps even heading to San Diego first to save having to go through the urban sprawl of LA more times than needed, but that's just small details.

    For your journey to Yosemite, crossing Death valley, I would consider lodging at Bishop or Lee Vining and continuing to the valley next day. That will give you a little time in Death valley [make sure you carry water and suncream, it will be extremely hot !!] and time to enjoy the Tioga pass and it's stops [CA120] which is a big part of the Yosemite experience. If you haven't already booked in Yosemite and Grand canyon it might be too late already for lodgings but you should find alternatives outside of the parks. You can check it all out and find all the info you want on the parks at

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    Thanks for your info, much appreciated. Have booked into Bright Angel Lodge in Grand Canyon and staying at Cedar Lodge in Yosemite. Really looking forward to it, and will probably take your advice and stop over in Death Valley.

    Also out of interest, i've hired a Ford mustang from Hertz for the 3 weeks, however i'm slightly concerned now as i'm just thinking how much fuel is going to cost me! I'd imagine the Mustang is going to be very thirsty and also how much is fuel in California at the moment, how much is it going to cost me to fill the 'Stangs tank up?

    Its a once in a lifetime trip so i wanna do it in style, so whatever the fuel costs of having a Mustang its going to be worth it! Thanks again for your help

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    A rental Mustang is going to be a base model with a V6 engine and actually shouldn't be too bad for Fuel consumption. I'd guess you'd be looking at an mpg in the low 20s, but if you look at the RTA fuel cost calculator, you should be able to get a more exact number.

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    Default It'll seem cheap, real cheap !!

    Seeing as you are from the UK, you don't really need to worry to much about fuel costs !! They don't price it as "liquid gold" on that side of the pond and even with the exchange rate not great at the moment, it's not going to cost much more than £2 a gallon [£2.50 tops]. You can get an idea of highs and lows on gas buddy.

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    Petrol in California is right around the $3 a gallon mark right now, higher in remote areas. If you want to have a comfortable budget cushion, you can calculate your fuel expense at 20 US cents a mile. Actual expense will probably be closer to 15 cents a mile. Even if the Mustang has a V-8 engine, it will get 20 miles per gallon on the highway.

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