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    Hey guys,

    I am going on a road trip from Toronto to Myrtle Beach South Carolina with my girlfriend and her family in late August. We plan on leaving on a friday evening so I'm guessing a good amount of the trip will be at night time, but I was wondering if there are any must see scenic destinations we should see as we get day light near the end of our trip? I don't think they would want to go too far off our trail but I would appreciate any suggestions. Any suggestions of places we should check out near the beginning of our trip would be appreciated as well incase we're able to see it on the return trip. Thanks!

    This is the basic route I got from google maps:,19.753418&z=6


    Minh Huynh

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    Default completely rethink

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm sorry, but before we can even talk about things to see along the way, you need to seriously rethink the way you are approaching this trip.

    You are looking at a trip that is 950 miles (1500km), which is basically 2 full days on the road - not something you just leave in the evening and drive straight through to your destination.

    Trying to do this in one sitting would be a bad idea in the best of situations - requiring you to be on the road for more than 18 straight hours, which is far too much to doing in one sitting in ideal conditions because of fatigue (yes, even with multiple drivers). Trying to do this overnight, when your body thinks you should be sleeping, on top of the fatigue will make you an accident waiting to happen and an extreme danger to anyone and everyone else who will be on the road.

    In an absolute all out speed run - where you take zero time for extra stops or scenic detours - you need to plan to drive several hours on your first night, then stop for a full night of sleep, then plan to be on the road for a very very long day to finish late in the day on day 2.

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    Thanks Michael,

    I totally agree we need to stay somewhere over night but my girlfriend's family is really pressing for minimal stops. They say we'll have about 4 drivers per car so they think an over night stop won't be needed. Do you think this makes it a bit better? Or do you think I should really talk to them about doing an over night stop?


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    The problem is that even with 4 drivers, there's just no way for everyone to be getting the quality sleep they need to do this trip safely. Getting a nap sitting up in a moving car is not a substitute for getting a real night of sleep.

    If you were leaving early in the morning, where everyone was coming off a full night of sleep - then a couple of naps along the way would make this possible - miserable, but possible - but the fact that you are not leaving until evening (and presumably will all be doing other things all day long before you leave) means that trying to drive straight through is still very much an accident waiting to happen.

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