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  1. Default South Florida -> NC -> VA and Back, Suggestions Wanted!

    My boyfriend and I are starting graduate school in the fall and want to go on an American adventure before we rededicate our lives to exams, lectures, and internships. The main destination is Bryson City, NC, because the Smokies are beautiful but mostly because I have family there that we can stay with to cut down on the costs. We're prepared to spend about $1,000 for the both of us, which I think will be more than fine, but a little more is okay. We have flexible travel time from August 1st to August 18th. Our last and only previous (and much shorter) road trip was from Boca Raton, FL to Jekyll Island, GA which was amazing to say the least.

    You can check out our suggested route on GoogleMaps by clicking here!

    We are leaving from south Florida and our two main destinations are the little towns of Bryson City, NC and Louisa, VA. The thing is that we have almost three weeks to make this trip (and back), so we have a lot of time to stop anywhere along our route and explore it.

    I am somewhat familiar with NC, but I honestly don't know where to start with VA.

    If any one of you veteran travelers can suggest a place along our path that is worth a stop, please post and let us know about it! We're pretty lost on what to see and any suggestions will be appreciated. (Again, you can see our path by clicking the link above.)

    About our interests, if it helps:
    We enjoy music, food, experiencing local cultures, rich scenery, photography. Simple pleasures stuff. We are not into shopping or theme parks. We enjoy old towns, mostly because they don't exist in south Florida where we live. We're not particular sporty but we do prefer to be more in nature than in the city. We love forests, mountains, rivers.. anything we don't see in Florida. (Maybe we wont go white-water rafting down the river but we'll sure take some nice photos of it!) We do, however, like artistic, eclectic cities and had a great time in Asheville, NC last fall and will definitely go back this time around.

    Thanks so much!

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    I'd recommend you head out of Asheville to the Blue Ridge Parkway and take that and the Skyline Drive up through VA. I'd also do something on the way back other than grind your way down I-95. Head down the Outer Banks, take the ferry back to the mainland and see some of Charleston and Savannah.

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    If you drive a little more to the east in NC and SC, Wilmington and Myrtle Beach are both good places to visit.

    Right on the NC/SC border is Calabash, NC, with some really great seafood. In Myrtle Beach, check out the local Beach Music.

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