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    Default Minneapolis to Boone/Blowing Rock, NC

    Hello All! Planning this trip for the first week of August. Hoping to cover a little over 1000 miles between my boyfriend and myself in one straight shot, more or less ;) Want to spend the time we have available in the area of our destination. Any advice on our route and things to check out near the boone area would be greatly appreciated
    Will be going through wisconsin to chicago, indianapolis to louisville and into boone. We're both 28. interests including art, music, food,cool parks, etc. Thanks for help!

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    Default a bad way to start

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Starting your trip by trying to drive 1000 miles straight is about the worst thing you can do to start your trip. The strain of being in a car for nearly 24 straight hours will put a huge weight of fatigue on your bodies - that will make it nearly impossible to make this sort of drive safely, and even if you do arrive at your destination without killing someone, you're going to need basically 2 full days of doing nothing just to recover from this marathon drive or your just going to be at each others throats from being tired rather than enjoying your trip

    In other words, It ends up being unsafe and counter productive. Take 2 days each way for the trip - you'll be in much better shape to have a good time, and as a bonus, you can actually think about enjoying yourself by making a few small stops while on the road too.

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    So we discussed and took your advice. Will be stopping in Louisville for the night. Check out the bardstown rd area. Again, if anyone has suggestions for the boone area let us know.

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    Default Where to start?

    Hello Lalaleah22,

    I'm a longtime and frequent visitor to Boone and Blowing Rock, having graduated from ASU in the 70s and co-owned property up there ever since.

    I'm not much on the food scene since most of our meals are taken at the vacation home. Should be a rather rich variety between the two towns, however.

    Blowing Rock has its quaint park along Main Street, so that's the people-watching HQ. Lots of galleries, etc, too. Several times a year there are designated "Art in the Park" gatherings, so it should be easy to determine if one will be held during your stay. Over in Boone, the ASU summer arts series features plays and concerts throughout the summer, so I expect some searching for events related to the University would reveal items of interest.

    As to parks other than city parks: Practically unlimited. All within fairly close proximity to Boone/Blowing Rock are: Grandfather Mountain, Linville Falls, Elk Knob State Park, and Roan Mountain. A bit further south down the Parkway are the NC Minerals Museum at Spruce Pine, the Penland School for Crafts (with its AMAZING gallery) and live demonstrations of all sorts of crafts when classes are in session), Little Switzerland (the orchards at Altapass), and Linville Caverns. Mount Mitchell is close to 2 hours south down the Parkway but is well worth the trip on a clear day. I'd say a full day to get to Mt Mitchell, drive to the top, visit a while, and have a leisurely drive back. Within a handul of miles of Blowing Rock and along the Parkway are Julian Price Park and Moses Cone Park, each representing large estates assembled by captains of industry and subsequently donated to the National Park Service. Cone Park is known for its +25 mile network of carriage trails, which due to their gentle grade and width are popular for hiking and horseback riding (and where mountain bikes are not allowed). Price Park is centered around a nice lake. An entire network of trails of all descriptions are accessed along the Parkway and at Price and Cone Parks. A little further away is Damascus, VA (Trail Town USA) where the Appalachian Trail and the Virginia Creeper Trail intersect. The VCT features a 17 mile all-downhill segment from the crest of the Blue Ridge back to Damascus. It's about an hour's drive from Boone through Mountain City, TN. The far end of the VCT is at Abingdon, VA, where the Barter Theater is active through the summer season. A practical way to enjoy the VCT would be to drive to Damascus in the morning, arrange bike rentals and a shuttle ride for one of the late morning times, and a gentle (and entirely easy) 2.5 to 3.0 hours later you're back in Damascus. The 15 mile drive from there to Abingdon takes minutes, and one could book an overnight stay at a motel or B&B within walking distance of the Barter Theater and dining spots in Damascus. Next morning could be your departure for the Twin Cities.

    Enjoy planning and taking your RoadTrip to the High Country!


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    It's too bad you're in such a hurry, otherwise, a stop in Madison, Indiana, will give you a quaint old town on the Ohio River.

    Then, the drive along US-421 to lexington, Ky, is a beautiful one.

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