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  1. Default San Francisco to Yosomite to Los Angeles via Big Sur onto Las Vegas

    Hi All
    We will be arriving from the UK with our two children 15 & 16 on the 22nd July for a 4 day stay in San Francisco and then leave on the 26th July with a planned trip to Yosemite for 2 days. From there we planned to drive the Big Sur ending up in Los Angeles to visit Disneyland and Universal for a couple of days and then onto Las Vegas with our hotel booked for the 1st August to relax ! for 7 days.
    We only have the San Francisco and Vegas hotels booked and welcome any suggestions,places to visit, routes and order of places to visit and are we trying to do too much?

    Always a Saint

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    Default Relaxed.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I think your trip looks positively relaxed compared to the amount of things a lot of people try to cram in to one holiday. I would imagine all the lodging in Yosemite will be booked up by now, but there should be lodgings available in surrounding towns such as Groveland, Mariposa, El Portal, with Oakhurst a little further away most likely offering the best value options.

    A trip back to the coast and you could spend a night in the Carmel area and another around San Simeon, Cambria or Cayacus is popular. If you have the time you could consider a Hearst castle tour, but that would need booking in advance as it is very popular.

    If relaxing becomes to much in Vegas, you could always choose from various day trips of interest. A place of note missing from the list because of the fact it is more than a day trip, is the Grand canyon, but it is worth considering going to this wonder of the world with an overnight stay.

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    Default The Usual and the Not So Usual

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Yours are perhaps some of the most frequently asked questions about one of the most frequently RoadTripped areas of the country, so rather than rely just on my current answers, you should check out these previous discussions and this post from today on Las Vegas. One place where you will be 'off the beaten path' is between Las Vegas and Big Sur. Since you want to do this stretch on your way to Los Angeles, then you should try to hit Big Sur in the north, around Monterey/Carmel. This also puts the ocean on 'your' side of the road, making pulling off to see the waves and wildlife a bit easier. So look at including a couple of less visited national treasures on the way. Heading out of Las Vegas on I-15, the Mojave National Preserve will be just to your south. Then instead of taking CA-58 all the way to Bakersfield, exit about 7 miles past Keene onto CA-223 and then use CA-99 south to CA-166 to the southern entrance. Take Soda Lake Road through Carrizo Plain National Monumentand get back on CA-58 west for about 26 miles and take La Panza Rd to CA-229 to US-101 at Los Robles and follow that north to Greenfield. There take county road G-16 (Carmel Valley Road) west to the coast at Carmel, the northern end of the Big Sur. I know that sounds intricate, but if you follow a route like that you will see sights that most tourists don't.


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    Default Vegas to Big Sur ?

    Some great tips Buck, but the trip is from SF to Yosemite to Big Sur to LA and finishing in Vegas, unless you have now persuaded them otherwise ! ;-) [Or I am going mad !]

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    Thanks AZBuck and Southwest Dave
    For your suggestions but we are travelling from San Francisco to Yosemite to LA via the Big Sur and finishing off with a rest! in Vegas. We did a day trip to the Canyon west rim and Skywalk two years ago, breathtaking!
    cant wait for the trip any more ideas will be gratefully received.

    Always a Saint

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