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    Hi all,

    My girlfriend and I are planning on staying over in Vegas for a couple of nights in August 2010 en-route to our trip up north to Yosemite. We have 3 questions for the pros:

    1) We have yet to book our accommodation and wondered whether a new hotel or an old hotel offered the best deals in general and if you recommend any in particular? We've had mixed messages about the newer or older hotels offering the cheapest deals and best nights out.
    2) We're looking to take in the Grand Canyon with a helicopter ride through the canyon. Can anyone recommend a company that offers a good experience without costing the earth?
    3) Any other days out in the Vegas area that can be recommended? We've heard of Red Rock Canyon and the Valley of Fire but not sure both could be done in a day or if they'd be worth it. We've hired a car so would be driving there and back.

    Look forward to hearing any of your suggestions. Thanks in advance.


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    Default A start.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Here is a great list of day trips from the Las Vegas. You will note that there is no Grand canyon, as by road it is too far for a day trip and would need an overnight. There are many Vegas tour operators looking for your business, so it is a case of searching for the best deals, as many are selling the same thing in like for like deals. It should be mentioned that these tours mainly land on Indian lands at the West rim and do not go to the National park area, the part that will look familiar as seen in photo's across the world.

    To get to Yosemite you can drive across the wonderful landscape of Death valley and up the 395 to 120 [Tioga pass] but it will be extremely hot in DV, so carry plenty of water and use sunblock if you get out of the car even for a short walk.

    I can't help with Hotels but places like Trip advisor will give you a start and then use your instincts, it usually works for me.

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    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the advice and list of trips - we'll check them over.

    Anyone else have any advice regarding the hotels and helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon?


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    This site really does operate on Personal Recommendations, but its also a relatively small site with only a few dozen regulars, as such we just don't have the numbers to really provide great recommendations on all of the hundreds of options that are out there. That's why sites like Tripadvisor or any of the major hotel/tour company booking sites can give you a better sample of what to expect.

    As far as motels go specifically - there are about 300 hotels in Vegas, and there really is something for everyone. With the current economy, you can find some great deals on the places right on the strip, but you might be able to find even cheaper places off of it. I personally am a fan of Downtown Vegas because I've found some extremely cheap places there - but price tends to be my number one factor. You should also consider the level of luxury you'd enjoy, plus things like location and access to the places you most want to visit.

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    I stayed in Bally's the week before Christmas last winter on a weekday night for $29. I have a Harrah's Total Rewards card and this was a "hot deal". The room was near-luxury class and about 700 square feet. Deals like this are very common and not hard to find, you just have to book in advance. You have to watch out for extras though - there is no coffeemaker in the room and they wanted $14.95 a night for Internet access. I think local phone calls were $1.00 each. I had to go downstairs and all the way across the casino to pay $3.50 for a cup of coffee in the morning.

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    Most vegas hotels/casino have special offers. You need to look at some hotel accomadations sites for prices and offers. My advise is keep away from north vegas and stay around the strip. I have for exmple booked my next vegas stay in october at the imperial palace for 3 nights for $100.

    Places and trips (quick list)i like around vegas

    Valley of fire is good if you got a car and not far.

    area 51 if. a long trip but racheal is a cool palce to stay the night.

    death valley

    the boneyard in vegas ( a must see)

    free vegas stuff to do. Plus if you sign up at a casino for a com card you can get sometimes free shows.

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