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    We live in the San Francisco Bay Area and are planning an RV road trip up the coast to Canada. Any tips on places to see and stay? We have 2 weeks. Thanks in advance for any input!

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    I love driving up to BC!

    What you will be able to see will depend on your budget and driving habits. Do you like to stay in the same place for a few nights and drive at a leisurely pace, or do you want to see as much as you can in a hurry? I've done both kinds of trips up and back between So' Cal' and the middle of British Columbia.

    My most aggressive driving trip took me from So' Cal' up to Hyder, Alaska and back in about 2 1/2 weeks. I had a higher budget at the time and took the car ferry from Port Hardy (on the north side of Vancouver Island) to Prince Rupert. More recently I've taken a slower-paced, lower budget trip and stopped along a number of spots on the Oregon and California coasts on the way back.

    Tell us what you'd like to see and how you like to travel, and I'm sure a number of us can give you hints. Whatever your style, I do recommend staying at Fort Stevens State Park near Astoria, Oregon on the way up or back.

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    THAT IS SO WEIRD! I am from prince rupert!!!!! and going on a road trip to california! SO EXCITED!! rupert rains everyday and california you guys get the best weather! im going on a 4 week road trip with my friend down the california coast! never been that way....drove to cali from the I5 so hot ahhhh!!!! how did you like prince rupert? lol

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