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    My brother and I are leaving on a cross (1/2) the country road trip. We plan on breaking the I-90 route from Minneapolis to Seattle into 3 days. Day 1 = Minneapolis to Spearfish, SD - day 2 = Spearfish to Missoula, MT and day 3 = Missoula to Concrete WA. 9-11 hour driving days, pretty light. Wondering if anyone has any input on interesting places to stop - and nice, small (shady) camping spots along the way.

    I'll post when we return!

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    Computer based mapping codes such as those used by MapQuest, Google Maps and others are NOT rooted in reality. They assume that you can drive at or above the speed limit for hour after hour without any stops or slow downs whatsoever. Therefore, they simply can't be trusted to give you real world estimates of driving times. To expect that you'll be able to cover the 655 miles from Minneapolis to Spearfish in a "pretty light" 11 hours is a fantasy. Same with the 675 mile on your proposed second day to Missoula. If you really want to make this drive in three days, then you'll have to back up, make it three evenly spaced days that allow you some time to set up/take down your camp site in the light of day and permits time for rest, food, and gas stops. As for particular camping spots, that will depend on your new way points, but look for state parks near your new over night spots - those will be your best bet.


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    I was curious how your trip was? We're thinking of doing a WA to MN trip this summer. Did you find some fun places to stop and sightsee? How was it driving the mountains? Thanks!!

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    Sorry to tell you that the original poster of this thread has not returned to the forum since making that post 2 years ago, so its rather unlikely you'll get a personal response from them.

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    Good point, thanks. I'm pretty new to this stuff :)

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    Djac ,

    My wife and I are making the same trip . Have you found any points of interest or just fun things to do ?

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    Much like the first poster, Djac also hasn't been active on this forum for about a month now. You'll find you will have much better luck getting help if you create a new thread about your own trip - so people can help you find things that will be interesting to you.

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