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    Default Article: Newport, Oregon to Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park, California

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    Enjoyed reading the article on the trip from Newport to the redwoods. It is without doubt a road journey full of interest and scenery all along the way.

    Now for the not so good news – a very big omission. As a Yorkshire man there is a man who stands very tall for me – Captain James Cook ( a Yorkshire man) and he sailed along the Oregon coast in 1778 naming Cape Perpetua , ( 7 March - St Perpetua Day). Near Yachats. He also named Cape Foulweather but being north of Newport I’ll be more forgiving on that one. Someone has to look after our Yorkshire folk.

    There is a visitors center - see here:

    Interestingly there was an American on board with Capt Cook, a sailor called John Ledyard, and he has written about the voyage. Probably the first American to discover that area. Thomas Jefferson, the president, met and wrote about him saying of him, “ a man of genius, of some science, and of fearless courage and enterprise."

    John Ledyard – see here:
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    By 'eck Eris, tha's reet an all. (A translation for non-Yorkshire folk: "Yes Eris, you're right"). I have to admit that Cape Perpetua is a new one on me.

    I have only two things to offer in my defence:
    1) I did mention Captain Cook in a previous piece when I visited the wonderfully-named Cape Foulweather (
    2) I am just an honorary Yorkshireman having only moved here in 1965; you have to have lived here a lot longer than 45 years before you can claim to have Tetley's beer running through your veins.


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    Thee is a reight gud sooart Peter - (you are a right good guy) - thanks for seeing the funny side.

    Just read your excellent Oregon article covering Cape Foulweather which I had missed – so I’ll take myself to task for not paying attention. Being a Capt Cook fan I have read his journals and when on the Big Island I had the good luck to kayak across Kealakekua Bay to see his memorial erected where he was killed in 1779. And Whitby, Yorkshire, where he started out as a young man, is a favourite visit.

    Kealakekua Bay - see here:

    We are blessed with a few good breweries in Yorkshire and can vouch to Tetley’s in my veins – good beer when served well. And talking of beer I sampled a few Rogue ales, a well known brewery in Newport OR, and liked the brew so much I purchased one of their pint glasses – still in good use.

    For the beer drinkers –

    Cheers. Eris.

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