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  1. Default Road trip buddy needed

    I am a recent college grad looking to roadtrip from Michigan to the west and down the Pacific coast and back to Michigan. I would love to find a travel buddy or two. Anyone looking for a travel buddy?

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    I'm 19 years old and I live in central Iowa and have been dying to go on a road trip for a while but none of my friends are really up for one. My dream trip would be to travel down the pacific coast, but money is definitely a factor for me because I don't really have much of it.

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    If you would be ready to leave by the 23rd of this month i think we could work something out. I have 1 more seat in my crv i have been trying to fill. as for the costs, they would really go much lower with 4 people coming instead of 3. Both of you please contact me and well discuss it further.

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