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    I'm looking for advice on possibly touring Hwy 1 on the stretch between Monterey and Morro Bay. I'll be on a 6-day trip in early August. I've planned to stay nights 1 and 2 in Monterey, and must spend nights 5 and 6 in Sonoma. I am interested in seeing the Hearst Castle and wonder if it would be a good idea to try and drive from Monterey to San Simeon and back to Monterey in one day, or whether to plan an overnight in Cambria or Morro Bay before driving back north. How many hours to budget for the actual driving? I'm not sure.

    Also I'd be interested in hearing about Hwy's 41 and 46 and whether or not it might be advisable to cross over between Hwy 1 and the 101 there for the return trip. Last year I took a most interesting trip between the 101 and Hwy 1 between Geyserville and Stewart's Point in Sonoma County, and found road conditions pretty adventurous...maybe a little too adventurous. Are 41 and 46 two-lane and paved? Thanks!

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I personally, would definitely take my time down the coast road, stopping to enjoy the sights, and spend a night or 2 in San Simeon/ Cambria/Cayucos area and then drive direct to Sonoma on 101. The 41 and 46 are both two laned paved roads that won't present any problems.

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    Option 2 it is.
    I think I will take my time as you suggest. Do you have any idea how many hours of drive time are involved in following Hwy 1 from Monterey to San Simeon? I've been told it is a good idea to reserve a tour time when visiting the Hearst Castle.

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    Even though it's only a hundred miles from Monterey to San Simeon, I would leave at least 3 hours for the drive, plus a half hour to an hour for roadside stops to view and photograph the seal and sea lion rookeries. And by all means, reserve a tour at San Simeon. Their are a few choices, but not many time slots, and they do sell out.


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    Thanks. Somehow, when Mapquest said "2 hours 11 minutes", I was not convinced. 93 + miles! I was thinking 35 mph. might be a realistic speed for this terrain and that would be more like 3 hrs. Last summer when I drove Hwy 1 along the coast in Sonoma county, traffic and terrain kept me between 35 and 40 mph most of the time. I really appreciate your advice on the tour reservations. I'll set it up in advance.

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