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    Default Drivers available

    My wife and I have been looking to buy an RV but have been a bit hesitant to do so. We've had units before but it seems to us that so much of an RV's life is spent waiting in the driveway, maybe we should try to 'share' or 'offer a service' instead of buying. Of course, being on a tight retirees budget was also an incentive to be creative.

    This is what I am thinking: many 'getting-on' older owners still love their time down south (especially the Snowbirds) but are starting to think the schlepp getting there is too hard. And the Mexican border is also a bit of a deterrent these days. So we thought we'd offer to drive a unit to Mexico (or anyplace south, really. We haven't seen the Southeast of the US yet). This would save them the time and the effort.

    Because of where we live (BC), we thought we'd offer to pick up a unit in BC, Washington or Oregon a few weeks before the owner wanted it; we'd drive it to the specified designation and then take a casita or something for the duration of the owners holiday. Then, when the owner flew home, we'd drive the unit back. Of course, we could do it one way but it seems that anyone who would like to avoid the trip down, would also want to avoid coming back.

    Naturally, references and such would be provided. Is this a good idea or am I just dreaming?

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    Default Not gonna happen.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I think it's one of those "great idea's" when one is looking for a way to save money on a trip and "help" others. Unfortunately the people who have laid out xxxxx amount of dollars for there shiny, fully equipped RV would wonder why they would want you to have it for nothing ,[or next to] when it would cost you $1500 a week to rent one. The thing is, a lot of owners rent there RV's out through agencies when they are not using them, but most [I would imagine] choose not to as it is their "pride and joy." Plus, for most owners, the best part of owning one is the road trip experience, ie; driving it. That's before we get started on insurance and who would be responsible for the cost of mechanical failure and break downs etc etc.

    Dreaming ? I think so TBH, can you imagine having a $50,000 -$200,000 dream vehicle on your driveway, and handing the keys over to a stranger for them to get a free ride across country, I think not.

    What you might want to do is take a look at big rental firms like Cruise America who want there fleet moving around the country. Cruise America actually have a refurb depot in Phoenix where they want vehicles dropping to, and picking up from, to be delivered to other States. I have seen these from about $25 a night, although you can add nights the actual number of nights at this rate are limited. You can see whats available on there site by clicking on the "hot deals" link. Search for "RV one way specials" on the net, as other firms sometimes offer the same.

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    Default Actually, the idea's been around for quite a while

    There's been some fraud issues -- but in general this concept does make good sense. Here's an article that addresses some of what's been tried before along these lines...

    This is sort of the nature of time-sharing RVing... (it's not exactly what you have in mind, but it might be helpful)

    First Article published November, 2005

    The update published in October 2007

    And then for the seasonal migration of RV's at the end of summer and beginning of Spring -- all of the major RV companies pay drivers to move the RV's around the markets.


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