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    In the past, there has been several requests for a route to visit the lower 48 states in one trip. I have developed a route (based upon past experience of driving all the specific roads but not in one trip). It is a circular route that starts and ends at the same point. In my case, it is Western North Carolina. There is very little back-tracking (less than 10 miles-6 in getting to Maine and two in visiting Utah.) A person can start at any point on the route and end at the same point and have visited all 48 states. The mileage is 8934 miles and would take about 140 driving hours. I would not recommend this but it can be done.

    It is too long to post here but if you want the route, just send me a private message and I will gladly send you a copy.


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    Have you considered setting the route up on Google Maps?

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    Default Map display feature.

    The mileage is 8934 miles and would take about 140 driving hours. I would not recommend this but it can be done
    Me neither !

    To try and average almost 65mph over a distance of nearly 9000 miles would be extremely difficult [impossible] while keeping it legal ! A trip this size should really be calculated in days, weeks even, rather than hours. Realistically, I would estimate that driving for 2 weeks and 11 or 12 hours every day would be needed to complete a route of this lenght.

    If you want to display the route, you can do so by setting it up on Google maps, save it to "My maps," copy the link and then use the globe icon above to post it here.

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    I tried to input the route into Google Maps but it would not take and save a route this long. So I will give a brief outline of where to go. I am starting and ending near my home in Western North Carolina.

    Go from Hickory through Boone to Abingdon,Va (starts with North Carolina and picks up TN and Virginia along the way). Go to Prestonville, Ky (Kentucky is gained).
    Next go to Wilmington, Delaware (picking up WV and Maryland and Delaware). Next go to Providence, RI (picking up NJ, NY, and RI).

    Next to Portsmouth, Maine (giving you Connecticut, Mass, and Maine. Then over to Bennington, Vt. (you get NH and Vt. Take I-90 over to US31 and go to Three Oaks, Michigan (Pa, Ohio, Ind., and Michigan are gained). Take I-90/94 to Fergus Falls, Minnesota (gaining Il, Wisconsin, and Minnesota). Take I-29 to Kansas City Missouri (ND, SD, Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri will be visited). Take I-70 to Denver (Kansas and Colorado). Take I-25/I-90 to Missoula, Montana (getting Wyoming and Montana). Take US 12 to Walla Walla Washington (picking up Idaho and Washington).

    Go down to I-84 and take it to West Wendovert, Utah (getting Oregon, Nevada and Utah). Take US93/US 95 to Needles, California (California). Take I-40 to Henryetta, Oklahoma (gaining Arizona, NM, Texas, and Oklahoma). Go on various roads to Lafayette, Louisianne (visiting Arkansas and La.) Take I-10 to Tallahassee, Florida (gaining Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida). Take US 319/I-75/I-85 to Gaffney, South Carolina (last two states Georgia and South Carolina. Take SC/NC 18 north to I-40 and return to Hickory, NC

    Almost 9000 miles of scenic America. Go slow and enjoy all that this Great Land has to offer


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