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  1. Default Late Dec. trip from Las Vegas, Nv to Puyallup, Wa

    My husband and I are planning a road trip from Las Vegas, Nv where we live, to visit my daughter and her family for Christmas. They live in Puyallup, Wa, not far from Seattle. We'll be driving our Dodge Ram 1500 truck. Can you give us an idea on the best route to drive for that time of year, and about how long it will take with consideration in taking some breaks from driving, as my husband has bad circulation in his legs. Also, should we buy chains for our truck? We have nitrogen tires, and don't know if that helps in bad weather conditons or not. We'll also need a suggestion on the best way back to Vegas, he's driving back about a week after Christmas, and I'm going to fly back so I can visit longer. I appreciate any and all help. Thanks from Jean and Russ

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    Default It's right around 1200 miles

    There's three primary routes -- I-5, I-15 and US-93. It really comes down to the weather a day or so before you leave, but my first choices would be US-93 and cut over to the west at Twin Falls.

    Need to figure about 21 hours of travel -- so plan on 2-3 days with breaks.

    I think you have nitrogen in your tires -not nitrogen tires -- that's a factor for heat in the summer, but not much a difference maker for winter conditions.


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    Default Sometimes Simplest is Best

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    That definitely seems to be the advice I'd give in your case. Stay on Interstate Highways the entire way: I-15 to north of Salt Lake City, I-84 to Umatilla, OR and then I-82 to I-90 into the Seattle area. That will be the easiest driving with plenty of plenty of places to stop every few hours for a stretch and some exercise. It is quite possible that you will need chains over the Snoqualmie Pass in western Washington, so have a pair with you and know how to put them on, just in case. I don't believe that having 'nitrogen' tires (air is 80% nitrogen anyway) offers any help in driving whatsoever. The drive will take three days at a very relaxed pace, and I'd use the same route both north- and south-bound.


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