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  1. Default Boring question - washing your clothes.


    My Fiancee and I are setting out on a 3 month US road trip next summer and we we'll be moving from city to city, hotel to hotel every few days and wondered where people wash their clothes, how they make time and what are the costs involved.

    I know it's not the most thrilling question asked on here but in-between thinking about all the cool trips we're going to do and all the fun we're going to have we've got to think about the practicalities!

    We're thinking of taking separate suitcases for clean and dirty clothes, at least one suitcase as a dedicated laundry basket to follow us around as I'm guessing we might not get to many opportunities to do washing every day.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default It's a drity job.

    Hi Jon,

    Yep, it's just one of those boring jobs that need to be done on longer trips, and it will depend on how light you are packing as to how often you will need to do it. We usually start with a suitcase each and normally have an extra bag/large holdall that will carry shoes, coats and some bathroom accessory's and bits, that then acts as a dirty washing bag through the trip. As you empty your clean cloth cases, bits and pieces can then go in that space and extra shoes in the car and so on.

    We also try and locate a laundry with a cafe or something around so we can eat or walk around while we wait, instead of watching the washing spinning ! We use an RV normally and use campground laundry's so not quite so tedious, but I am sure the Hotel you will be staying in will point you in the right direction.

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    Default This question arises every so often

    FOX News, columnist Paul Eisenberg wrote an article about this and I think you'll find it helpful -- I was supposed to weigh in but ran out of time. Just about every hotel and motel chain in America offers guest laundry rooms. They are usually well-maintained and well-stocked. Most are coin-operated machines.

    In addition, you can find very nice public laundromats in virtually every city in America. Some are ordinary, some are fancy -- the one in Pahrump, Nevada is owned by Heidy Fleiss and well worth a stop if you get there!

    Plus, you can always do some quick wash and rinse in the sink or bathtub of wherever you are.


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    Default WRT to cost of coin-operated machines

    I would think that you can figure that a load of wash will run between $1.75 and $2.00 and a dryer will cost about $1.25, you can still find machines out there with 1990 prices -- $0.75 on the dryer and $1.50 on the wash.

    If you carry your own washing supplies -- you won't have to purchase the soap at the laundromat.


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    Thanks guys,

    Our main options seemed to be...

    1) Hotel laundy services
    2) Visiting a laundromat
    3) Hand washing

    Option 1 I assumed would be way too expensive and usually charged by the item, option 3 wasn't particularly practical most of the time so I was going to go for public laundromat visits once a week. However, Mark's suggestion about hotel's own laundry rooms seems the perfect compromise, I just couldn't find any info on any of their websites.

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    Nearly all motels have a coin-op washer and dryer available to guests. You might have to specifically ask at each location, as they may not advertise it, but I'd say laundry should be available at least 50% of motels you stay at.

    Even campgrounds, its not too uncommon to find laundry facilities - with most private campgrounds having them available and even some nicer State Park type sites having them.

    As was mentioned, even the smallest towns in the US have a laundromat so even if your motel doesn't have them, this shouldn't be much of a problem for you. And also as Mark mentioned, some of them can be quite creative - my personal favorite was called "Suds and Suds" because it had an attached bar where you could have some drinks while washing your clothes!

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