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    In July /August 2011 we are planning a trip to see a few sites in the west. First or last site would be Glacier National park, next Yellowstone and or Grand Tetons, and then either last or first would be the Grand Canyon.
    First how ambitous is this drive for 2 - 2 1/2 week vacation?
    Second I would like to fly into or out of Vegas for one leg of the trip where would be the best other airport near Glacier? Spokane , Billing Montana or some other city?

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    Two and a half weeks is quite a reasonable amount of time for the drive you're planning and will allow time to poke around and enjoy the many parks and sights along the way. As for airports at the northern end of your trip, Bozeman (BZN), Kalispell (GPI), and Spokane (GEG) all offer scheduled airline service to major hubs, with Spokane offering probably the most flights and destinations.


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    We are planning a similar (though longer) trip this summer, so I'd be interested in replies and suggestions as well. We're planning to start in Vegas or Phoenix (depends on our flight connections), drive from there to Grand Canyon, then on to Zion NP and Bryce Canyon. I'm not sure which route to take from there to Yellowstone. We are interested in scenic routes and/or anything interesting along the way. From Yellowstone we'd head for Glacier NP and then on to Seattle, maybe via Oregon, maybe not - we haven't worked out this part either and are open to suggestions.

    We're planning on at least 4 weeks for the trip so I think 2-2.5 weeks would be fine for what you're planning. What route are you planning?


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