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    Default First trip USA (NY, LA, LV, MI)


    My friends and I are coming to America in October 2010.
    We are planning to visit few towns in 13 days:
    - New York (4 days)
    – L.A. (2 days)
    - Las Vegas and Grand Canyon (1 day)
    - Miami (2 days)

    We are planning a road trip from L.A. to Las Vegas (visiting also Hoover Dam and Skywalk) in 1 day.
    Also planning road trip from Miami to New York in 3 days.

    Can you advise us on what to see, which road to take etc.

    Thank you,

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    Default Something has to give.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I think you have under estimated just how huge the USA actually is. You will not be able to get to Vegas and visit the Skywalk and Hoover dam in the same day.

    With just 13 days, I would think about just exploring the East coast or the West and have some quality time, but as things stand, something has got to give as you don't have the time to do what you want, plus fly across the country.
    I can't really see the point in the extra flight time and expense of flying across the country twice, for a couple of rushed days in LA [the first recovering from jet lag] and a rushed one in Las Vegas, but that's just my opinion.

    If you wanted to see both New York and LA then I would definitely consider forgetting about Miami this trip and enjoy Vegas and the Grand canyon. I would also recommend you visit the National park area of the canyon instead of the expensive Skywalk area that is not part of the National park.

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    Default I concur

    Unless you want to spend just about all of the 13 days in the car -- you really need to scale the trip down to a region or two, (like Southwest Dave has suggested).


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    Default Scale back

    This trip definitely needs to be scaled back. Just the Los Angeles area alone is so vast (check out this post by Larrison) that two days would barely scratch the surface of what can be seen there. New York city, by contrast, is a much more compact area - but still has a lot to offer.

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    Dear all,

    Thank you for your advices. We dropped Miami and driving to New York.

    Our plan now is:
    - New York - 4 days
    - Night flight to LA
    - LA - 2 days, on 3rd day drive to Las Vegas via Mojave Desert
    - Vegas - 1,5 day, drive to Grand Canyon National Park
    - Grand Canyon – 1 day (overnight and in the morning taking the tour). Afternoon drive to Vegas (overnight)
    - Drive from Vegas to LA via Death Valley. Night flight to New York
    - New York – 2 days

    Do you think this is better way to see all attractions?

    We are also thinking about San Francisco - to flight in from NY in the morning, sightseeing for few hours (5 hours) and then drive to LA. Do you think this is a good idea?

    Thank you

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    Default Still tight.

    But dropping Miami does make sense.

    Now, with your current plan you could save extra miles and time by going to the Grand canyon from LA and then back to Vegas instead of heading there twice. You could get to the Grand canyon same day or stop on route and still visit the Mojave. Driving back to LA via Death valley and trying to catch a flight will also be a long day, you will need an early start and a late flight for sure. I don't know how much extra it would cost, but flying out from Vegas would make more sense with your time constraints.

    To fly to San Fran and then try and sight see before driving to LA is really putting you under pressure time wise again. It will take you time to get through the airport, make the journey to the City and then complete a long drive, that is after a poor nights sleep on a night flight, impossible to achieve and enjoy at the same time I would say.

    I would think the only way you could include SF is if you started your trip from there and ended it in Vegas, and consider dropping a day in New York.


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