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    Default Anyone had an issue with the TSA this year?

    A cautionary tale.... Megan is in Detroit this weekend and giving a talk about the RTA Funny Road Sign collection at a national convention.

    Since she was going to be selling some of the books -- I put some of our usual book selling supplies, pens, post-it notes, etc. in her suitcase in a zip-loc bag. I also put change-making cash in there -- about $125 worth and apparently a TSA inspector who kindly left a note explaining that the searches were to protect travelers -- removed and pocketed the cash. The rest of the book-selling supplies were still in the zip-loc bag upon her arrival in Detroit.

    Anyone else had an issue like this?

    Seems like an outrageous behavior to me


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    Default not outragous - criminal

    I haven't had any problems like that, but I fly very rarely and avoiding checking luggage whenever I can.

    I will say that if I experienced what you/Megan did, I'd be filing a police report ASAP. I doubt it would do any good, but the fact that we've basically got a form of a Law Enforcement Officers stealing from the people they are supposed to protect is far beyond the pale, and is something that should get the thief some quality time behind bars. Misconduct in office would easily make a small $125 theft a felony - and being that its TSA, it'd be a Federal crime at that.

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    Default Where would it be filed?

    Megan flew from Las Vegas, so I guess it might have been someone who lives here. What a cheery thought that is.

    When did you take off your Avatar? (on your posts)?


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    Default Don't get me started on TSA..........

    The only time in the last 20 years or so when I felt the nearly overwhelming urge to punch somebody out was at O'Hare in Chicago while returning from my son's graduation from the US Navy bootcamp. (I did knock a guy down 20 years ago when he recklessly and at high speed skied < 1 foot past my son's head after my son's simple spill on the ski slope, but that's another story).

    Northwest had apparently decided to cancel our flight due to low ticket sales and they booked us on American instead, so instead of the Northwest round-trip ticket we'd purchased 75 days before, we arrived at O'Hare on a Sunday evening and had one-way American tickets which the ink was still wet upon. That earned us the "Full Monty" inspection/search from TSA, of course.

    The TSA inspectors were in the midst of a full-blown labor-management dispute as we approached the search point, yelling at one another seemingly oblivious to the shocked passengers before them. A gentleman immediately in front of us was a wheelchair passenger and I was absolutely shocked at the roughness and rudeness involved in their search of him. There intra-TSA shouting continued as a female TSA person was sought to search my wife. The male who was doing most of the shouting was my inspector. He finished his job without announcing such and moved laterally to begin to deal with the next passenger. I asked him if it was OK for me to put my things back in the carryon bag and he said "Sure, can't you figure that out?". What really made my blood boil was when the female TSA person was finished with my wife's pat-down: The male cretin making all the fuss walked a good 5 steps out of his way, looked my wife right in the eyes, and asked "Did you enjoy your search?". If that had taken place just a few years previously I'd have instantly caved in the right side of his head with a left hook and would probably still be living in the basement of the Cook County jail in Chicago. As is was, I held my left and my tongue, got home, wrote a long letter to Northwest, American, and a third to the TSA, noting the date/time/badge numbers, etc, of all the bums who were so rude to the wheelchair passenger and to my wife and I. I got back a nice form letter from TSA saying they'd "look into it and would inquire further should additional information be required". Apparently they didn't need further input from me.

    My good friend, a career FAA employee, noted the TSA was known for such antics in larger airports in cities where union labor is more frequently seen. The belief is that they purposefully goad passengers into creating scenes as a twisted way to justify overloading the TSA ranks in order to "deal with unruly passengers". Lord only knows how close they came to getting what they asked for in November 2006 at O'Hare. Lord only knows.


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