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    I'm off to California in September with my wife on a Road Trip from LA to Vegas, San Francisco then back to LA. We have hotels booked in the cities, but when we are on the road, we will just stop when we are ready.

    I was wondering if there was a book with a directory of good hotels/motels along the main road trip roads? We are both a little concerned about stopping in places that are dive. Neither of us has ever done this before, and we both watched Psycho too many times as a child! :)

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    Default Aaa

    Really the best source for a motel only guidebook would be AAA. Any other California guidebook will likely have at least a small sample of motels for each area - but not a complete listing.

    Otherwise, I'd suggest you just wing it and use your best judgement. If you stick to chain motels you really should not have many problems, as those places are required to meet the standards set by the corporation they represent, and even if you go with mom and pop places, its usually quite easy to tell which places are truely dives. If you have any questions, you can always ask to see a room before you actually purchase it.

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    Default can be a good research and reference site. They list almost everything available except Motel 6. There are user reviews.

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    Default online

    If having a computer around is an option, then yes, has a decent review system. If that's the case, however, then I find tripadvisor to be a more complete site. Just remember to take any and all user reviews with a grain of salt - as people are far more likely to go online to complain about their stay with a poor experience than they are to go online to comment on a good or average one.

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