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  1. Default Need help planning Oregon Coast Trip

    We plan to head for the coast of Oregon (From CA) and want to stop at several cities along the coast to experience different beaches.

    We will be staying in hotels for say 1-4 nights while in each city.

    We can be gone for about 2 weeks.

    We like hotels/motels, etc that take pride in clean rooms with no strong odor! (Had a bad experience at a hotel in Yachats Oregon years ago).

    We are not on a small budget so the sky is the limit.

    We are into walks on beach, looking for seashells/agates, dune buggies, great views.

    We are a family of 6, 4 young kids 1,2,9,11.

    Would like to make a stay in southern Oregon coast then work our way up.

    Any ideas, tips, recommendations would be appreciated.


  2. Default Beachcombing around Newport Oregon

    Agate hunting on Oregon's Central Coast at Newport is fun for the entire family. You can pick up a copy of the handy pocket guide AGATES OF THE OREGON COAST at many shops throughout Oregon.

    For a list of activities and things to do in Newport check out the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Yaquina Lighthouses, Marine Science Center, Museums, Marine Discovery Tours, Deep Sea Fishing, Agate Beach Golf Course, Performing Arts Center, Visual Arts Center and more.

    I hope and your family enjoy your vacation on the Oregon Coast.
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    Default Alternatives to Hotels

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I, too, have had a few odiferous experiences with hotels, even in supposedly "smoke-free" rooms, My wife and I now routinely look for alternatives such as B&Bs and vacation rentals. For one or two nights, B&Bs are the way to go while for longer periods you can often rent an entire house or condo for not much more than a hotel room. Try to search for accommodations using the town name and either 'bed breakfast' or 'vacation rental'.

    For things to so, there are a plethora of great state parks all along the coast, but be sure to check out Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, and if you get that far north make a visit to Fort Clatsop National Memorial just south of Astoria.


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    Your best chance for no odor hotels is stay at hotels that are 100% non-smoking.

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    Good stuff guys, thanks!

    I'm looking for a hotel in Newport to try to book for a few days now...

    We'll work our way up the coast after this.

    Any hotel suggestions?

    The vacation rentals are all booked up.

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    Default Luxury 'fishing' lodge on the Rogue

    If cost is not a major impediment, I would urge you to consider Tu Tu Tun lodge on the Rogue River, about 7 miles upstream from Gold Beach.

    Here's Linda on their dock (where you can pick up a jetboat for a trip upstream).

    Photo: Don Casey

    Fabulous place.

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    If you have kids, you may want to stop in Tilamook for the cheese and ICE CREAM factory tour. There's an air museum north of there, but my (at the time) 6-year old daughter wasn't too keen on stopping there if it meant taking more time to get to the ice cream factory.

    Another big hit much further south was the Safari Game Park in South Bandon. Here's the address:
    46914 Hwy 101 South
    Bandon, Oregon 97411
    (541) 347-3106

    Depending on the time of year, your kids may be able to hold cubs, kits, and the like.

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