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  1. Default Places to Stay or Stop between Los Angeles and Boulder?

    We are planning a road trip to Boulder and plan on breaking up the drive over 2 days each way, (ideally about 8 hours a day). Any ideas for where to stay overnight, cool cities, sites, restaurants, landmarks. We are not exactly the type to "rough it" so camping and dirty motels are out of the question. We will pay more to be comfortable, but want to stay on our budget. It looks like Utah is the mid-way point.

    Thanks guys!

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    Your halfway point is roughly around Richfield UT. There isn't a heck of a lot of cool things to see and do around there, but Richfield has a decent selection of reasonably priced hotels. With only 2 days to make the trip, you don't have time for much sightseeing. if any, off I-15 and I-70.

    With normal food, fuel, and rest stops it's going to be more than 8 hours a day. My mapping program says it's 14 hours and 41 minutes from downtown LA to downtown Denver, and you should add 20% to that to account for stops and traffic/construction delays.

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    Default Little time.

    Hello and welcome to RTA !

    As glc pointed out, you are going to break the 8 hour a day mark, even with sticking to Interstate. To do any sight seeing you will need to accept longer days or add half a day to the journey. With an extra day added one way, you could drive to Grand canyon through Monument valley to Moab and I70, or the other way around coming back.

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