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    Default Sonoma, CA to Renton, Wa

    I am going to attempt to risk my life next month driving teenagers to a soccer tournament in Washington. I need advice! I am thinking of breaking it into a two day drive and wondering where the best place to stay is? Also, does anyone have any other ideas if there is anything worth stopping to see along the way, we've been to Lake Shasta before.

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    Roughly halfway would be Grant's Pass, OR, and you'd have to cover just over 400 miles on each of your two days, so not a whole lot of time for sight seeing or wandering far from the Interstate. Still, you can and should take breaks every few hours or so to let the kids run around and expend some of their energy, and maybe even practice a bit. One detour that might be worth it, especially if like most teens yours are Twilight fans and can be counted on to be on good behavior for an hour or so, would be to have lunch on day two a little bit up river from Portland at the View Point Inn in Corbett, the filming location for the prom in the original movie. The al fresco lunch is relatively reasonable and the view is superb.


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    Default Thanks!

    Thank you for the advice, Luckily the girls are good travelers with dvds. I've driven solo to Portland about 20 years ago but, I don't remember too much from it.

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