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    Default LA - Yosemite - Napa - Las Vegas - LA With Baby

    We're planning a West Coast road trip from LA - Yosemite - Napa - Las Vegas - LA over the first 2 weeks of November. We fly in & out of LA (from Australia), but don't plan to spend any time in LA. Planned to visit Yosemite before Napa to hopefully avoid the closing of the Tioga pass and have better weather. Ideally we would fly into San Fran and end the trip in LV, but the is a big jump up in car hire costs compared to a round way trip. I realise this trip is covered in many forums which have been really helpful, but we are looking for input for a relaxing road trip as we have an 8 month old baby.

    Our current thinking for the itinerary is as follows

    30 Oct arrive in LA - 1 night so our baby can adjust after the long flight. Any suggestions for a good area to stay that is an easy drive (max 1 hr) from LA International airport, on-enroute to Yosemite and with shops so we can stock up on baby supplies?

    31 Oct - Drive to Yosemite (c. 6 hours ) & stay for 4 nights. We're after the quickest route to Yosemite which sounds like it is the I-5 north to Highway 99 north to Highway 41 north (Fresno) which gets out to the South Entrance. From other forums it looks like we'll require chains for our rental car as its November

    4 Nov - Drive from Yosemite to Napa (c. 4 hours) & stay for 6 nights. It sounds like there are 2 possible routes - Hwy 12E. to 99 S. to 120 E or Hwy 12 to 80/680 at Cordelia Junction, 680 S. to Hwy 4 E., then Hwy 4 to 99 S to 120. Which do you think is the most direct route?

    10 Nov - Drive from Napa to LV via Bakersfield?? Looking for suggestions of where to stay over night?

    11 Nov - Arrive LV (4 nights)

    15 Nov - Drive LV to LA

    All suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks for your help.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    While I understand you are trying to "beat" the closing of Tioga Pass, your current plans have you doing a ton of extra driving because of all the backtracking you'll need to do. As it is, you would have to backtrack over Tioga Pass, because you aren't doing anything on the other side of the Sierras until you head to Las Vegas after visiting Napa.

    What would make much more sense to me is to go to Las Vegas first, then head to Yosemite via Death Valley and Tioga Pass if possible, then continue up to Napa, and then take a couple of days to drive back to LA via the Pacific Coast Highway.

    The worst case, you'd be too late for Tioga (but that's still quite possible even if you go there first), and you'd have to cross to the south via Bakersfield.

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