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  1. Default NY long Island to Niagara Falls

    We are planning to go to Niagara Falls from Long Island, New York, over the Independence day Long weekend. Our party includes me, my wife who does not drive, our 3 year old daughter, my father who is handicapped and wheel chair bound and my mother. I am the only driver.

    Our plan is to leave on 3rd July (Saturday) and come back on 6th July (Tuesday). I would like to do the trip up and down on different routes so that we can see different places. Can someone suggest what would be the best routes? If necessary we can leave on the evening of Friday the 2nd of July and stay the night at a place worth seeing and then move on to Niagara Falls next day.

    This is the first time we are going to Niagara Falls. We hope to see the July 4th fireworks there. Suggestions on what to do at Niagara Falls are also welcome.

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    Default Google route

    I put this into Google Maps and it gave me what I was going to recommend, based on your situation:
    On the trip out: I-80 to I-81 to I-90 for your primary routes
    On the way back: US-20 to I-90 to I-86 to NY-17 would be the primary routes here; you'll have a nice view of the Catskills from NY-17 as well.

  3. Default Good place to stop on way to Niagara?

    Thanks for your reply. I will take the route you suggest. I have another question.

    What would be a good place to spend a few hours on the way to Niagara. I am planning to leave Friday evening, drive about 4 hours, stay in a motel for the night. Before we continue our journey the next day, we would like to do some sightseeing a couple of hours. So, we would like to stay at a "sightseeing worthy" place. Any suggestions?


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