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    hi everyone, my hubby and i and our 1 year old son are planning to be in boston next year for my cousin's wedding. would like to take a trip to see niagara falls after the wedding and either stop in new york city along the way or on the way back. suggestions on if we should make the trip one way (boston-nyc-niagara) or round trip? and what places should we visit along the way ... upstate new york, rhode island, connecticut or even toronto? i have friends in rochester and london we could see and we plan to make the trip 2 weeks overall. any suggestions appreciated, thank you!!

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    I'd think a loop would be quite a bit easier, and cheaper. You will be hit with a one way drop off fee on the rental car, plus higher airfare (and I can't imagine that Buffalo is the cheapest place to fly out of either, dropping a car in Canada will generally not be possible without a huge extra fee and adding International flights would also cause your prices to soar). Its pretty common to be able to drive a rental car into Canada, but it is something that will have to be specified on your rental contract.

    One caveat to that is that I would skip renting the car until after you've toured Boston and NYC, as both cities have excellent mass transit, horrific traffic, and extremely expensive parking.

    As far as what to see in the middle, here's an excellent place to start.

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    thank you so much! what wonderfully helpful advice! appreciate it!

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