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    Hi, my friends and I are from Michigan and are heading to Nashville, TN and Wilmington, NC. We are first time road-trippers :) and need some help. We want to for sure hit those two places and are looking for any tips or suggestions on fun things to do or see, places to camp... We aren't limited to just those two cities and therefore would LOVE your thoughts about anything neat to see or do in the South. We are up for anything and will be trying to pack our seven days FULL of things to do! THANKS!!!!

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums ! We normally try and welcome our new members promptly, but you seem to have slipped in under the radar, so apologies for not saying "Hi" earlier.

    I'm afraid I can't help with personal experiences on your trip, but you will find lot's of info throughout the RTA site, using the tool bars above, search function, and simply by scrolling to the bottom of the page where you will find "similar threads".

    You have nigh on 4 days of driving, and with a little time in each City doesn't leave you a lot of "free time," so it would help if you were to look for places of interest to you at the end of a day's drive, that will keep you on track timewise. One place on my "to do list " is the Great Smokey Mountains, and for camping would be my idea of "fun", but not necessarily yours.

    Enjoy the forums !

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