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  1. Default Roadtrippin from San Francisco to Missouri and back (14 days on the road)

    My boy did his 5th grade state report on Missouri and asked if we could visit. We are going to roadtrip/camp to Missouri. What are the best routes? What should we along the way. This is a trip all about the road with the turnaround point being Missouri. I was thinking that maybe we should power drive to Missouri and then take our time driving back along route 66 and then if we have time exploring Bryce Canyon. We will have about 14 days so we need to know the best places to camp and those sites we should absolutely see along the way. We will be going the first 2 weeks of August.

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    A "power drive" would have 2 good possible routes - it's about 1800 miles from SF to Kansas City, which is 3 long days (12 hours or so) on the road. You could take I-80/NE-2/I-29 or I-80/US-50/I-70.

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