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    Default Death Valley - Driving Through.. Hints and Tips

    This will be my first time driving through Death Valley. I will be travelling West to East on SR190

    What are the fuel options and what hints and tips do you have to offer. My vehicle has just been fully serviced, new tires, allignment, brakes checked, new brake fluid, new transmission fluid.


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    Top up your tank before entering the park at Lone Pine or Ridgecrest [depending on where you are coming from] and that will keep you going across the park. If you are doing extensive exploring there is a gas station at Furnace creek. There are gas stations at Panamint springs and Stovepipe Wells as you enter the Park from the West but it will almost certainly be cheaper to top up before then.

    The main park roads are paved and in pretty good shape so no real need for concern, just carry plenty of water and sunscreen and hats are recommended, it gets extremely hot in the summer Months.

    The Death valley site has lot's of info to help you with your visit.

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    Fuel is available in the park, but it costs about $1 a gallon more than outside the park. If coming from the north, I'd fill up in Bishop. Has your cooling system been serviced recently too? Does your A/C work properly?

    According to Gasbuddy, today's prices in Ridgecrest are around $3.05 and $2.83 in Pahrump NV.

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