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    Default *** Need ride to San Fran from Gilbert, AZ :) ***

    Hi! Thanks for checking this.

    ABOUT ME: I'm a 25 yr. old student and currently work for an animal rescue charity in Gilbert. Good conversationalist. Good company. :)

    I am in need of a ride to San Fran (from AZ) on or around July 2nd. I was supposed to carpool with someone but now they're not going. It's in support of a music tour. I'll be taking tickets and selling merch. You're welcome to help out if you want something to do in SF for a week. :) I'm pretty sure we have a place to crash.

    I would like to return on or around July 10th.

    If you can accommodate either or both of these trips, I would really appreciate it. Please reply directly to my email. (McKayMachina-at-gmail-dot-com) and I'll get back to you. Thanks!


    P.S.: I should be able to pitch in for gas. Let me know what you deem an appropriate $ amount.

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    Please disregard this thread. The trip has become too cumbersome this year so I'm just going to stay put.


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