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  1. Default UK Honeymooners California dreaming!

    You seem like a friendly bunch so i though i'd ask for some advice!

    We get married in 3 weeks and are in the middle of planning an exciting honey moon with our six year old son. The trip goes something like this...

    Fly from the UK to Portland, spend a couple of days here (staying in Ace hotel) then hire a convertible (car hire company recommendations/advice would be appreciated) to San Fran, the scenic route preferably. Aside from the stunning nature reserves are there other exciting stopovers along the way that are a must for a 6 yr old boy seeing as we're too far north for Disney?!

    How long would you recommend to take in the west coast? Is Yosemite too out of the way before San Fran?

    We're spending a few more days in San Fran before flying on to New York (again staying in Ace Hotel) and then home. We're aiming at 3 weeks for this whole trip.

    Hope we haven't left this too late in the day to get advice from you guys.

    Thanks its much appreciated.
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    Default Lot's of options.

    Hello, Congratulations and welcome to the RTA forums !

    There will be no shortage of scenic routes from Portland to SF, along the coast from Depoe Bay to the Redwoods to SF with, perhaps, a little detour for some wine tasting in Napa valley. You could choose an inland route that would take you to Crater lake, Klamath falls and Mt Shasta. There are many more options, so I would use the search engine [top right hand of page] and put in key words to find other threads for info. You can also scroll down to the bottom of the page for similar threads. Perhaps this one will help to get you started.

    Yosemite is absolutely wonderful and worth seeing if time permits, it is approx a 5 hour drive from SF. You could easily spend all your time in the West and only scratch the surface, so the question you should ask yourself is, "how long do we want to stay in New York?"

    Once you have looked around and decided on places of interest to you and have more questions, just ask.

    Enjoy the planning !

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    Default The Time Interval?

    I don't quite follow how long you'll have for the road trip portion between Portland and San Francisco. It could be done in one very, very long day or it could take a month...

    One possible place for an overnight would be Mendocino, California. I spent most of my honeymoon at the Stanford Inn and it's still one of my favorite places on the north coast.

    Here are a couple of routes along the middle to northern coast of Oregon to whet your appetite:
    Peter Thody
    Lynne Christen: Coastal Views and Wine Country near Portland


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    Thank you for your suggestions!
    Mark - I took a look at the Stanford Inn, sounds and looks lovely, will definitely put it on the list of options.
    Yes sorry should have given a little more detail, time wise i reckon a couple of days in Portland to adjust the jet lag, about 10-12 days traveling south to San fran, say 4 days in San fran then 3-4 days in New York. We're pretty flexible right now while we decide what we're doing.
    Southwest Dave - thanks for your tips.

    Everyones so helpful, this is invaluable!

    Thinking about it we'd like to split the 10-12 days from Portland to SF into 3 stops so that we're not doing too much driving for my little lad. So bearing that in mind which 3 places would you say is a must for relaxation, family enjoyment and beautiful scenery. We're pretty game for anything, bike riding, yoga, surfing etc.

    Thanks again!
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