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  1. Default Moving from San Antonio, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska and driving my civic up there!

    Hello group!

    I'm new here and I currently live in San Antonio, TX and am interested in moving to Anchorage, AK before winter sets in up there. I think I need to leave in the last week of August and get there by the first week of September. I have no idea how long it will realistically take, and I'd like to see some sights along the way. I am looking for tips on anyone who has moved from the lower 48 up to Alaska...Any tips for the route, hotels, food, sights to see, suggested prep for my honda civic, 4dr, automatic, 4 cylinder, front wheel drive (specifically for the AL-CAN highway) and any advice from experienced roadtrippers and movers that you'd like to provide.

    Anything would help! I am not sure of the best route to get up there. I do have one spot I want to stop at for sure which is Layton, UTAH to visit my bestfriend. Does anyone know about crossing canada to get to alaska. Is a passport required for all passengers? I plan to make this drive with my boyfriend. Hopefully this post makes sense. I am excited to read your responses.

    Thanks in advance :)

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The route(s) are straightforward enough, as is the advice. You’ll want to take I-10 to Fort Stockton, TX; US-285 to I-40/I-25 through Albuquerque; US-550 to Durango, CO; US-160 to Cortez; US-491 to Monticello, UT; and US-191/US-6 to I-15 through Salt Lake City to Layton. From there, take I-15 all the way up to Canada (and YES everyone will need a passport to enter Canada AND to return to the US/Alaska); then AB-4/AB-3/AB-2 up to Edmonton, Alberta; AB-44(TC-16)/AB-43 northwest to British Columbia; BC-2/BC-97 into Yukon Territory; YK-1 to Whitehorse and YK-2 north from there; at Dawson, switch over to YK-9 into Alaska and AK-9/AK-5/AK-2 to Tok; and finally(!!) AK-1 down to Anchorage.

    You’re looking at around 5,500 miles on mostly secondary roads, so you need to have at least two weeks in your pocket when you start out, plus whatever time you want to spend in Layton. Note that the roads through the Yukon Territory and eastern Alaska are “closed in winter” which could set in fairly early that far north. I’d strongly suggest that you check with the Alaskan State Highway Department for what typical and early closing dates are for AK-9/AK-5. Also, be sure to get the current issue of The Milepost, the bible of the Alaskan Highway and similar routes. As for your car, you’ll need to get it thoroughly checked out by a mechanic that you trust. Tell him exactly what you have in mind. Then with all your preparations behind you, relax and enjoy the drive – keeping a weather eye out, of course.


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