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  1. Default Vancouver, BC to California roadtrip!!

    I need some information on a trip we are going from Vancouver, BC to San Diego California.
    What is the FASTEST route yes absolute FASTEST route. How many hours will it take? I don't want any scenic route but the FASTEST route. Help me out.


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    Default I-5

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    And it will take you three days.


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    wow so you are saying 3 days of continuous driving!!!!! i think its lesser than that, my friend went last year and he said it was a straight driver took about 17 hours :S. Well we wont be stopping much!!

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    Default Friend ????

    You can not drive 1400 miles continuously, it would be unsafe and foolish !!!

    And for your friend to tell you that he done it in 17 hours, which would equate to averaging 82 mph non stop is also foolish and most likely untrue IMO. That would mean seeing triple digit numbers on the speedo for long periods of time while fatigued, and is no different to bragging that they got home OK after drinking 10 pints of alcohol. Getting away with doing something foolish is totally different to acting in a sensible, safe manner with regards to those that share the road with you. I have to say that no friend of mine would encourage or recommend doing something like this.

    Your journey is an absolute minimum of 2 x 12 hour days, and that is beyond what we would normally recommend, if you can't afford the time then please, please fly !!!

    Keep safe.

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    Well him and his friend were both driving, in my case we have 3 drivers so if we leave at about in the morning and 3 drivers share the miles/trip in between, wouldnt we be there by 12am midnight, That is with a few interval break stops in between here and there?
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    Default Absolutely Not

    Bare minimum, with two people awake at all times for safety, and with minimal stops for food fuel and bathrooms, you are looking at 26 hours. Anything less, and anytime with only the driver 'awake' is simply unsafe, and puts everyone else on the road at risk as well as yourselves. Your 'friend' either seriously broke the law and endangered thousands of people or else lied to you. In neither case is his testimony worth the air it took to say it. Do yourselves a favor and plan on at least two very full days.

    As everyone here is telling you, anything else is simply foolish, stupid, unwise - pick your favorite pejoritive. You will get no support for trying to accomplish anything as idiotic as what your friend claims to have done.

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  7. Default Vancouver, BC to California roadtrip!! FOOD, EATABLES allowed?


    I need some information regarding food and eatables we can take over the border from canada into usa!!
    Can someone tell me what food items can we bring into usa without problem? for example roasted chicken wings, homemade fries, juice etc. Let me know please

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    Default rules of thumb

    Generally speaking, raw fruits/veggies/meat are the main problem points. If you've got a processed cooked chicken, they might let it go - but that's not a certainty.

    Here's the official information on what you can and cannot bring across the border.

    In any case, I hope you've decided to take up the advice you were previously given. If you can't do this trip in 2 full and very long days on the road, with a full night stop in the middle for real sleep, you have no business being on the road for this trip.

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    I'd recommend you stop at a grocery store after crossing the border and stock up there. It's probably going to be a bit cheaper anyway.

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