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  1. Default LA to NY how much??

    Hi guys,

    Me and mypartner are travelling for LA ot NY next October. We have about 9 weeks to do it in, so it will be a steady one.
    I'm not sure on the exact route as such but we want to visit all major areas along the lines of these places-
    Las Vegas
    Austin Texas
    Washinton DC
    New York

    But for one I don't knwo which route to take and to include some other 'must see' places.

    And for two I need to know what money this will cost! I realize it will be a lot of money so I wanted ot know how much on average motels are etc..

    I have the car sorted so it's just the rest.

    Any help would be great,

    Thank you

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    Default Too many to list !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    A common theme around here is that there aren't any "must see" places, as the road trip is an individual thing and one persons perfect place is another's nightmare. It makes it even more difficult when you have a long period of time to cross the entire country without knowing your interests, as there are millions of ideas. This thread has quite a few suggestions in every State, and although you have a list of City's, you might be interested in some of natural wonders, such as State and National parks, which can be located here using the interactive map.

    I would keep researching with a good map to hand while looking through the RTA site, [check the different pages out in the tool bar above] and see what it is that appeals to you. Once you have filled in some of the gaps I am sure we will be able to help you "fine tune" your trip. As I am a big fan of the Southwest, I would certainly recommend taking time to explore some of the scenic wonders in that area, Death valley, Grand canyon, Monument valley and into Southern Utah for the likes of Zion and Bryce canyon, possibly Arches and Canyonlands neat to Moab, and into Colorado before heading South into New Mexico.

    This a good place to start to help you out with your budgeting.

    Enjoy the planning !


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