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    Default Need help with road trip from Vancouver BC to Jasper,Calgary and back to Vancouver

    I would like suggestions from those that know these areas..... California Girls, driving from Vancouver BC to Kamloops, then up to Jasper, and will stay for 2 nights. Then down through Lake Louise, Banff. Then over to Calgary, down to Fernie, Pentincin, and back to Vancouver. Begin the trip in 2 weeks - July 6-14th.
    We like to explore, want to pan for gold, easy hikes, views, and just seeing as much as possible. I would welcome ideas..

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    Default Looks Good

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You've already planned out what looks like a great drive, About the only tweaks I would have would be to take the Sea to Sky Highway (BC-99) out of Vancouver up through Squamish and Alta Lake, BC-97 to Cache Creek and then the Trans Canada to Kamloops. The other tweak would be to make sure that you leave plenty of time for the driving portions. That's some gorgeous country you'll be driving through with plenty of provincial parks, hiking opportunities, and scenic vistas. Enjoy the entire trip.


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    I live in south western BC, and this is my thought on trip. I would not do Squamish-too out of the way. The 99 to cache creek, is not much to see-Fraser Canyon-don't see much of it-winding road- was the only road before #5 was put in. That is the route I would go- Hope-Merritt-Kamloops.From there, are you going to Jasper via Valemont. Again, another kind of boring drive.
    Is there a big reason for Jasper? Are you going to the Columbia Icefields? It is also out of way.
    I would go #1 Kamloops to Salmon Arm- Sicamous- Revelstoke- Golden. This is a beautiful drive. The Shuswap Lake area is very nice... also the parks around Revelstoke has great MOUNTAIN scenery!I would spend 2 days in this area, before I went to Jasper. Very expensive there.

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    From Golden.... you could go to Lake Louise or come to the area where I live.. 1 hr south of Golden. Invermere.We have the famous Radium hot springs, lake and are a major tourist area( small town though)tons of hiking, golf, etc.From here you could go through Kootenay National Park to Banff. 1.5 hrs east. Marble Canyon is an awsome easy hike about 1 hr into park... takes about 30 min. goes to waterfall(small)

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    Castle Junction is where this road connects with #1. So either way you could take 1A bow valley road at Castle Junction to Johnson Canyon(cool PLace) Banff is .5 hr from here on #1. Gondola is a must as well as check out the town. very expensive!!! The road through Kootenay-Banff park you will see wildlife for sure and beautiful mountains!

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    Canmore is next about 20 min. Calgary is 1 hr from Canmore. I am sure you are going to Calgary Stampede! Don't miss the rodeo- Chuckwagon races-grandstand show, well worth the money!Calgary tower is neat!
    The drive from Calgary-Fernie is flat and not too much to see until you reach BC.
    The okanogan is beautiful-Penticton-Kelowna- Hope- Vancouver is what I would do!
    Enjoy your trip in our beautiful province!Maybe I can be your guide!
    Funny thing..... my husband and I are doing a road trip to California, it is posted here ... in the fall
    Maybe you can give me some LOCAL hints.... and be my guide!lol

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