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  1. Default Advice on which route to take please? New Jersey to Los Angeles

    Hi Everyone,

    We're visiting from Australia for a month & planning a family roadtrip from New Jersey to Los Angeles & lots of places in-between. I'm hoping, given the wealth of knowledge on this forum, that someone might be able to make some suggestions of which roads/highways/route to take on our journey?

    We've got a small RV 25ft & planning to start in New Jersey, then thru to Washington, onto Kentucky (Mammoth Cave NP), thru Missouri, then either down to Oklahoma or maybe up to Kansas (open to suggestions here?), thru to Great Sand Dunes NP, then Rocky Mts, then Grand Canyon, onto Las Vegas, and finally ending up in Los Angeles. (Have to take the kids to Disneyland!).

    These are the places at this stage we want to visit but we're not sure on the safest/easiest or best route to take. Any suggestions thanks?????

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm sorry, but this is the kind of question where there really just is no way for anyone to narrow things down for you. There are millions of miles of roads in the US, and when you're looking at a cross country trip, you really could use almost any of them. There just is no best one-sized-fits all route.

    Really the best thing we can recommend is to get a good map, and start plotting out the points that are your highest priorities. Once you've got those points laid out, the route should start to come together pretty easily. Once you've got that, then it will also be easier to know what else might be in the middle of where you will be traveling.

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