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  1. Default From Hollywood, FL to oak hill, va

    Plan to take the family from Hollywood Florida to Oak Hill VA. plan to leave around 1 or 2 pm in the afternoon. Plan to drive about 7 or 8 hours on first day, Where shall we plan to stop and check into a hotel? How far can we go in 7 to 8 hours?

    thx for all the helpful advice

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    I'd say your best bet will likely be Brunswick GA, which at 400 miles will likely take you right about 7 hours. If you feel like pushing a bit farther, Savannah would likely take you a bit over 8 hours.

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    If you do stop in Brunswick, stay on Jekyll Island, just before Brunswick. Charming little island - bike path, historic hotel. Nice area to walk and stretch out after a day's driving. And good variey of hotels, price-wise.

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    Thx for all the tips

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