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  1. Default PLanning road trip from CHicago to SF through yellowstone from France

    I'm pLanning a road trip this summer 2010 from CHicago to SF through yellowstone from France.
    It's quite difficult from there and found your site very helpfull.
    I am looking for various advices, as much touristic than about security.
    I'll like to rent a camping van.
    Everything I have seen is out of my budget.
    Can somebody tell me about an economical way to rent such a van (to particular, budget cies ...)
    Thanks to you all

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    Default not easy

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If you are looking for just a small van that you also serves as a camper, you will likely have a lot of difficulty finding such a thing. There are very few places that rent these (known as Class B RVs), especially not for a one way trip. Nearly all camping vans available for rent are going to be larger RVs, and while they certainly can be fun, they usually are not a great budget option.

    If you really are looking to keep costs down, going with a car and staying in budget hotels will likely be cheaper than renting any camper.

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    Default Almost impossible for a one way rental.

    Not easy at all to find a small camper for a one way trip across the country, if you do without extortionate fees, let me know !

    Also, every company that I have come across that might have a euro camper such as the VW, actually charge more than a large RV would cost, because they are so specialist. As Michael has said, if it is just 1 or 2 of you travelling a car and Motels would actually be cheaper, if there is 4 or 5 travelling an RV can start to become more budget friendly. Another option, if it is because you enjoy camping, is to buy some basic camping equipment on arrival and tent camp, perhaps donating your stuff to a charity at the end.

    If you were to change your plans and travel from SF and back in a loop, then there is another alternative, a type of Hybrid camper from these people.

    One other option is to find a company that need there fleet relocating across the country, and have special deals available, but they have specific dates that they must leave and arrive on, and might not tie in with your plans. One such place I was looking at the other day can be seen here, although I have not made any enquiries or dealt with them before.

  4. Default Thanks to Dave & Michael

    Thanks, You guys are great to take time to answer !
    I'm stilll fighting for my goal, though I now understand that it's a lost cause.
    We are a family of four, and hope to keep as much freedom as possible, for direction and time.
    So no drive away, and hotels might need reservations in advance...
    A small camper van was THE solution.
    LOST CAMPERS is a great link, thanks a lot.
    I wish it exists for one way rental (a new business ?)
    I asked for an invoice at Motoris RV between Chicago and SF, with various options (convenience kit, ...)
    I'll let you know.

    I now have to calculate what's best between the van rental and a car rental + hotel.
    Maybe you have a clue to give me for the best deal in one way car rental ?


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    Default Tent camping ?

    It really is a case of, keep shopping around for the best deals, as last weeks best deal won't necessarily be the same as next weeks. There are a lot of car rental firms and the prices can differ depot to depot, even within the same company.

    If you are into camping and have enough time to make it work, you could buy some basic camping equipment from a discount store and use a car /small van and campgrounds along the way. It would probably be your cheapest option, even if you donated the camping gear to a charity at journeys end. If that's not for you and you can share a family room in a Hotel, the car and Hotels will be cheaper than a camper van.

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    hi Dave,
    i start wondering if you aren't right about camping.
    Impossible to find a one way rental.
    Impossible to find an individual renting or swaping (our house in Paris) a camper van.
    That's mean 3000 miles in a car ...
    i'm loosing faith in finding a cool way to travel on the road.

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