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  1. Default Redding, California and surroundign area! the Shasta Dam is MUST SEE (northern CA)

    I recently made a long journey to the west and up the coast. While in northern Cali I was just driving deleriously trying to find a truck stop to sleep at. I found one just outside a town called Redding, California. Immediately I felt this place was cool. I don't know what it was about that particular truck stop but it was great. I went into Redding the next morning and stumbled upon a beautiful lake and then found a place called Turtle Bay park. This place was wonderful. There is a bridge there called the Sundial Bridge which is just incredible, I am not realy sure how to describe it, its a foot bridge, and the bottom is kind of made of glass.

    (Photo by Carol White -- click here to read RTA's article about this place)

    You can see pics online it is an amazing place. this park is wonderful, there is an info center and the guy there I assume he meets a lot of travelors because he was just able to tell me everything about northn cali, oregon, washington where I was headed.

    There is a long hiking path back there and also an arbetorium (sorry I'm not sure what you call these places where they keep all the plants?). Anyway I am a writer and the purpose of that part of my trip was to work on my novel and I got so much writing done there, it is just beyong peaceful.

    Best part once I left I found myself a few miles outside of Redding and went to a place called Shasta Lake. The lake is breathtaking, but if you go a little bit further you will find a place called Shasta dam. without a doubt, this is one of the most breathtaking and beautiful places I have ever seen. It is absolutely free, they even give a free tour if you are interested. This is like a slice of heaven, you get to the middle of the dam and look out and its like a valley from a painting. I don't know how to describe it. I just felt like it wasn't even real!

    Anyway I just wanted to post this for anyone traveling up through northern California, make the stop in Redding and then Shasta lake, it is well worth your time. Great area! I stopped there on a whim and it's one of the best decisions I made on the trip!
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